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A Different Kind of Company...

Providing a Community Service
Creating Living-Wage Jobs
Sustaining our Island
Keeping Hawai'i Green
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Our costs are similar to rubbish services:

We share similar hauling, fuel, insurance, fleet maintenance costs, but have greater labor costs as most sorting is done by hand. However, because recycling as a system, is economically superior to landfilling, in most instances, our service fees are less than rubbish services. Call or email us today for pricing, and cut your rubbish in half.


"Ua Mau ke Ea o ka Aina i ka Pono"

'The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness'

Kamehameha III, the King of Hawaii, on July 31, 1843

Adopted in 1959 as Hawaii State Motto.


"Zero Waste" promotes the goal of reducing waste by recycling all material for use for another system. Waste is actually a valuable resource waiting to be recovered. There is no such thing as waste in nature. The by-product of one system is feedstock for another. Zero Waste can be achieved through small shifts in our daily activities and diverting our waste to the right channels. In this way, we greatly reduce our impact on Hawai'i Island's natural environment and how much rubbish we generate. We also preserve our resources for future generations, and save our community tax dollars.

In 2007, the Hawai`i County Council joined hundreds of states, counties, and cities, passing legislation adopting the mission to reduce our ecological footprint. With the right strategy and appropriate education, we can all begin to see valuable resources in our waste and divert those resources from the landfill to the right place for recovery.

Both non-organic and organic materials can be recycled or reconstituted into new products, extending our resources useful life cycle. Non-organic materials that can't be used anymore are recycled into new products. Organic materials are processed to produce mulch or compost for agricultural purposes.

It doesn't require a lot of effort, just a little bit of creativity and some awareness. Zero Waste is worth it. It safeguards our future, saves money and protects the environment.

Our work



We started in 2008 with an idea - Provide a community service for Kona-Kohala homeowners and businesses, create good, living-wage jobs, and help protect our island's delicate ecosystem. Additionally, we mentor and coach entrepreneurship, and sponsor numerous community events and programs. We have a  triple-bottomline philosophy - where driving environmental and social change, are supported by business-sector efficiencies.

Today we serve with an expanded recycling team, and offer services from Keauhou to Kawaihae. Its a small way we do our part to malama i ka'aina and to help Keep Hawaii Green. We malama our clients, our employees, and our island.


Did you know...


Hilo's landfill is now closed - at a cost of $20M taxpayers' dollars. In the rainest city in the county, Hilo's landfill was built pre-WWII, near the ocean, and mostly not lined. It cannot meet US EPA regulations, and questions about leaching contaminants into the water table, reefs and ocean remain unanswered.

Nearly all waste can be recycled. Last year our residential clients diverted hundreds of tons of material away from our island landfill, and reduced their rubbish an estimated 60%. Our commercial clients are recycling close to 100% of recyclable material. We proudly support of the principles of zero-waste and Hawaii County's path to reach this goal.

  • $28 MILLION dollars and growing - Your Hawai'i property taxes that it takes to manage our landfills. Really!


  • $11 MILLION - Revenue lost every year because we throw away materials that could be recycled (Zero Waste Plan, Hawaii Island, RAA, 2009).

  • LANDFILLS - An old-fashioned idea before plastics were produced, and costs of leaching and off-gassing was fully understood.

LANDFILL IN YOUR BACKYARD - Hawaii Island has one landfill: ​


  • Waikaloa - Pu'uanahulu. Our Island is the fastest growing county in the State. ALL rubbish is hauled to Waikoloa. Quite literally, in our back yard.



Clean materials are items such as brown paper goods, boxes, and cardboard.


Be sure to flatten cardboard and boxes and place to the side of the bin if it’s too big to fit inside


Please remove all plastic, styrofoam, other non paper products. Farmers don’t want micro plastics in their soil, and you don’t want that in your food.


Drinking containers and glass have their own bin! Plastic & glass bottles, and aluminum cans. 


All glass materials like jars, wine & liquor bottles, broken glasses etc., should be placed in the 14-gallon bin. 


You can also recycle your clean food cans, pet cans, and non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper, and stainless steel.


All plastic items (except drinking bottles), and styrofoam bottles, plastic bags/film, liquids, magazines, food waste/green waste, and food containers. 

Food or items with any trace of food residues:

All food residues contaminates recyclables, and can contaminate an entire batch of clean material. Please do NOT recycle anything with food. 


Biowaste/Medical waste:

 Any personal hygiene products, tissues, masks, etc.


Electronics/miscellaneous: Electronics can be recycled at county e-cycling days, monthly at transfer stations. Go to or email Hana Hou Recycling for more info.

How To Recycle

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